At last!

Hi! Long time no update!

I am happy to say that The Ice Puzzle is finally finished. On the site you will find the final "chapter"--you will also find all the previous chapters slightly changed. The final chapter is a puzzle--the first person to post a complete version of the actual chapter will receive a signed set of all four of my books.

It'll all make sense when you click here.

I can't overestimate the contribution of justbeast and grailquestion to this final portion of the book,  in particular grailquestion, who provided the needed graphic art. Thank you both so much.

I am not sure whether the missing illustrations will be added in time or if they will remain missing--I'll keep you posted on that. Thank you to everyone who helped me get home with my beloved dog, and thank you for following the story this far. The book will be out in hardback roundabout 2007--feel free to discuss it here, and help each other solve the last piece!

EDIT: Holy crap, mamculuna has already done it! She spins the head around, she is so fast! Congratulations! Everyone else should still try to put it together, though, obviously.

Round Two?

Hullo, all!

Well, The Ice Puzzle is wrapping up. The final chapter is integrated into the text and we are now waiting only on aaronace to finish up the illustrations and grailquestion, justbeast and I to wrangle the Sooper Sekrit Postmodern Graphic Design Element. Then all is complete and we will have the Big Raffle. Remember that? I didn't forget.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Prime Books will publish The Ice Puzzle as a standalone novel sometime next year. Yay! All hail to St. Dickens, Patron of Serial Novelists! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this process, offered their support and encouragement, and witnessed the growth of this book.

And speaking of serials, throughout the process of writing IP, it was suggested to me by subscribers, publishers, reviewers, and basically every kind of person that I make this a regular kind of thing. Since I also find myself and my animals once more in a bit of a tight place financially, and there is, sadly, once more a natural disaster in need of aid, I am considering beginning a new serial once IP is wrapped up.

As before, subscriptions would be $10, and I would donate a percentage of the funds to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, as well as providing a forum, icons, quizzes and raffle prizes. The only difference would be the novel itself, and once again I would allow the subscribers and members of this community to choose from a list of possible novels. Illustrations would be dependent on whether or not an artist volunteers, as aaronace so kindly did before.

Since November is coming up and all LJers know what that means, I might be convinced to make this a Black Moon Serial--only a month long, a chapter or more a day for thirty days. In that case, however, I would raise the subscription to $12-$15, as that is really a tremendous amount of work.

So, what do you think? Is this a valuable enough project to do it all over again? Would you stick around for the fun if I did?

Poll #587611 Another Go?

Would you be interested in another serial novel?

Oh, yes, please! Sign me up!
Naw, the last one sucked.
Eh. The last one was fine but I was just trying to help out with the dog. Not interested.
I'd love to read but couldn't subscribe just this second.
It would depend on the project.

Would you want to see a Black Moon Serial?

Whoa, awesome!
Dude, lame.
Awesome, and I would be willing to pay extra for the quick-change show.
Awesome, but I can only afford the $10.
It would depend on the project.
Doesn't matter--I can't afford it anyway.

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For anyone who hasn't gotten the memo, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was forced to delete catvalente. I'm mirrorspindle now, so update your links and all that jazz.

The last bit of the novel is still being wrangled. No one has forgotten, it just takes some doing. Hopefully the remaining illustrations will be up soon as well.

snow queen



It is finished.

Seven new chapters went up last night, and the book, she is done. A small but vital and really fairly amazingly complex thing will be added sometime in the next two weeks, but the story is finished. Once that bit goes up the prize raffle will commence.

I'm also working on getting the last round of icons up, and other goodies, such as a soundtrack CD. If anyone has anything they'd like re: goodies, now's the time to request.

Would love to hear what you all thought of the book. Chapters will stay up for you to peruse.

Thank you all.


Ok, finally!

Three new chapters up at A Novel in Pieces.

The plan is for four new chapters next week, with the final chapters up either the next week or the one after. There is a bit of flair to the final chapter that might take a little extra time to manage, but I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.

I'm getting there, I swear!
snow white

New Chapter!

Chapter 11 is now up on the website.

Chapter 12 will go up, hopefully, before I leave for Wiscon.

When I return, I am going to start posting multiple chapters a week in an attempt to finish this on time, by the end of June, and to make up for my missed weeks. If anyone has an icon or quiz requests, any questions or comments, now is the time!

New Stuff!

No chapter this week or next--I am driving across the country on the final leg of my move, arriving in Virginia around April 6th. Thanks to all of you for helping me finish this massive re-location.

Instead, there are a whole host of new icons up on the extras page! You are free to use any of them.

Also, the first Quiz is up and ready to go--hope you enjoy it, feel free to post the results in your journals and on the community (but please, not in the comments, that's rather silly).

Which Snow Queen Are You?

Hope that tides you over until I get back!
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